Natasha & Jenni  

Millbridge hosted Natasha and Jenni’s wedding. My day started shadowing Natasha and Jenni getting ready, in separate rooms. Champagne and speech writing inter-pursed with dancing and singing. (My camera still has glitter on it.) Once the guests were seated the ceremony got started.

Natasha chose to come in first and waited with a large grin for Jenni and her bridesmaids to enter. The service was full of giggles and endearment.

I seemed to be blessed with the weather as it broke from raining to allow for a few posed shots outside, though the dress hems got a beating and their dog added to the dress style with a paw print. (He was meant to be part of the ceremony but wasn’t permitted by the registrar.)

Drinks and a stunning meal supplied by Kalm kitchens with table ‘heads’ being given the task of carving the beef joint for the rest. A quick, requested, detour to the wedding suite for a few shots in the bronze bath and folly and back for speeches. Hankies at the ready as much make-up was ruined by those who took the mic.

The first dance was my final photographic duty after the interactive dessert bar was consumed.


Millbridge Court

Kalm Kitchen